Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gears of War Wednesday Wrap: Never underestimate the bots

Though the numbers were fewer, no doubt due to the public holiday revelry, the spirits and competition were still high of those Gears players who did join in for El33tonline’s Gears of War Wednesday action.

The evening started with a casual round of Team Deathmatch, with us against the bots, but we soon learned that you should never underestimate bots. Things started to gather momentum as other players joined and the competition began to heat up considerably.

Gears of War Wednesday Banner

We continued with Team Deathmatch as the hours ticked by, and despite a few lag problems initially, we played a number of hassle-free rounds that came down to the wire. Most of us were reluctant to call it a night, with cries of ‘One more round’ sounding more than once!

Thanks to everybody for joining in last night, we hope to see you online next week! My deputy, Oliver, couldn’t join due to Xbox LIVE connection problems, so I was madly scribbling down names in between re-loading my Gnasher Shotgun and avoiding frag grenades - please let me know if I spelled your Gamertag incorrectly or left you off the list of players which follows below:

  • FoFoZA
  • Corvus
  • Voogle11
  • DaxterZA
  • ShamilH
  • Afr0animal
  • GaaTY
  • Muj33b
  • M0mitha
  • MacDeathZA
  • Monolith786
  • SinisterAmon
  • Pr1nglesZA
  • TheinfamousGW
  • DanteofDoom
  • V3loCiti
  • Nakes7
  • Xearo07
  • BogusHenry
  • Numphie
  • LeelooZA

Xbox South Africa has taken a keen interest in our Gears of War Wednesday evenings, and have kindly sponsored a whole bunch of Xbox LIVE Arcade codes for awesome Xbox LIVE games including Braid, LIMBO, Castle Crashers and Trials HD.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving away a code for an Xbox LIVE game of your choice from the list above - just another incentive to jump online and have some fun in Gears of War Wednesday!

This week’s randomly selected winner is:


Congratulations - let us know which game from the available four listed above you would prefer and we’ll send you the code!

See you all next week, same place, same time! 8pm, Wednesday, Xbox LIVE.


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