Monday, January 2, 2012

For A Good Read, Check Out Editor?s Picks

Editor?s PicksKeeping up with TechCrunch can be overwhelming. And sometimes great posts get lost in the flow, pushed down the homepage before many readers even get a chance to see them. If you click on the subject tabs at the top of the site, you can filter by subjects such as Startups, Mobile, Gadgets, and Enterprise. But we are going to add even more ways to filter all the posts and videos that make it onto TechCrunch in the coming months. If you look up in the Hot Topics links right below the TC logo, you will see a new�feature that just went live:�Editor's Picks. There you will find our standout posts?ranging from�investigations�and�scoops�to�arguments�and analysis. These are the posts that will make you think. They will introduce you to new ideas, startups and technologies. These aren't necessarily the posts that get the most pageviews or headlines on TechMeme, Hacker News or LinkedIn Today. They are the stories we think are the most important and worthy of attention.


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