Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DBNGamers Level 2 Gathering: It's all about the pizza. And Creme Soda.

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This past Saturday was particularly overcast. And particularly muggy. And particularly Durban. While the weather proceeded to become more Durban as the day wore on, the humidity was left at the gate of Pizzetta Pizzeria in Glenwood where DBNGamers held its second ever meet-up.

Gamers of Durban descended on the awesome pizza place on the afternoon of January 14th to discuss games and share online war stories with chances to snag some great EA titles, provided by EA South Africa.

Naturally, I was fifteen minutes late.

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This is a vast improvement for me over the last DBNGamers gathering so I luckily didn?t miss too much of the discussion, but my appearance did prompt the manager of Pizzetta Pizzeria to appear behind me wielding another table like some sort of handheld Gatling gun.

I moved very quickly to make way as the new surface was added to the other five that, at the time, hosted the elbows of twelve Durban gamers.

Before long, however, another table had to be brought in and by the end of the afternoon, sixteen of us were chatting, laughing, eating and drinking, while some of our number jumped into a few games of Mario Kart 7 on 3DS.

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Thanks to EA South Africa, El33tonline?s Lisa and Wayne were able to give away some keen prizes, including copies of Need For Speed: The Run, some tough-looking Sims 3: Pets collars (y?know, for your pets) as well as EA game shirts, and after a quick-fire random draw, most everyone at the table laid claim to a prize!

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Thanks to DBNGamers for organising Saturday?s event and thanks to everybody who took time out of their busy schedules to drop in, grab a bite to eat and share a few raucous laughs and interesting discussions - it was a real treat sharing the afternoon with you all!

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Here?s who was there - follow them on Twitter why don’t you:

El33tonline was also there in force ? thanks for making it p33ps!

Special thanks to EA South Africa (@EA_SouthAfrica) and Bianca McFadyen (@BinxMinx) for providing the games and swag, and thanks to Lisa and Wayne for organising the giveaway!

DBNGamers Pizzetta Meet-up - Creme Soda and Sims 3 Pets

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